pixelated licitar hearts

Pixelated souvenirs

Pixelated licitar heart as coasters and fridge magnets.

Personalized gifts

Personalized & pixelized gifts for all sort of occasions (and things).

Marriage magnets

Pixelated licitar confetti | magnets as a original wedding keepsake.

From Designers with Love

From Designers with Love

Buy pixelated and deconstructed licitar hearts last minute before your departure in little red design shop FROM DESIGNERS WITH LOVE. Croatian Design Souvenirs & Gifts Shop is situated on the first floor of the new Zagreb Airport terminal (before security control).  Currently there is also a pop-up shop after security control. Lots of nice and practical design souvenirs and product in one place, combined with kind and well informed stuff will make your last minute shopping very successful.

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Pixelated licitars in magazine Lisa

I got the opportunity to present my little factory and my work to the magazine Lisa. As pixelated licitar hearts are also part of my business we talked about them too. You can read the article in the new issue of Lisa (05.25.2015.).  And if you wont to see for yourself why Japanese tourists like my pixelated licitar coasters so much stop by Take me home shop and buy a set (or two). You can also order them via the…

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Minecraft mania(c)

Hama beads mania began this summer when my son Marko found out that small plastic beads are an ideal material for making Minecraft weapons and tools. It was not long that our kitchen table became cluttered with all sorts of Minecraft creations.

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How it all began

Before I pixelated Licitar hearts and turned them into coasters I used to “borrow”  interesting pixelated ideas from the net, like these irresistible fruit coasters that leave no one indifferent. Ideal gift for the hot summer days, don’t you agree? This set flew across the Ocean to LA so that it can keep my sister’s table from cold glasses of fresh lemonade. And this ones were for my son’s school teachers.

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