pix.ideja started as my little pixelated fix(ed) idea after I’d spent quite some time playing with HAMA perler beads with my kids. After I ironed dozens of my son’s Minecraft inspired creations, I started creating my own.

One thing led to another and soon I find out that little pixelated licitar hearts can become really nice souvenirs, especially when dressed  conveniently in custom designed paper confection.  I also used origami  (another free-time-with-kids hobby)  to made their outfits more special (occasion).

Karin Werner Klement

foto: Kristina Fazinić

As an owner and designer at little factory of ideas I hope my pix.ideja will become one (more) successful factory department and that my pixelated hearts will remind tourists of happy days spent in Croatia or become a little keepsakes of long-lasting love stories.


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